Real Marketing is understanding there is always room for improvement.

Do not panic during these turbulent times. Instead, change course and set up automated systems. We will get you starte for FREE for the first 2 weeks.

Campaigns not performing as expected?

While it is very important to analyse and identify the reasons as to why the campaigns are not performing as they should, it is also important to understand:

Are we leveraging upon all the suitable platforms and are we getting results at an optimum spend. The question to ask here is Is my spend optimised as well?


In a nutshell,

Consider us as your extended team and we will help you with everything from a free analysis of the current state of things, to optimising your strategy & most importantly reduce your spends by at least 20%.


We work with efficient teams across the globe, to ensure our customers get support as and when they need. Time is Money.


Why this is a perfect time to getting your sales funnel and chatbot systems up.


We are on the constant look out for efficient tools, systems, and practices to stay ahead of the game.


Fail to plan, you will lose a client: Fail to strategise, you lose it all. We won't let that happen. A good strategy almost always works.


One of the strongest things we focus upon is Omni-channel and Cross Channel strategies. Add a layer of automation and we can achieve magnificient results.


There is a new tool that's released almost everyday. We save you a lot of time and money by picking the right ones, instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools.

"The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

__ Tom Fishburnes

About Me

My name is Krishna Chaitanya (KC), an ex-employee of Google and a Digital Marketing strategist, trainer and practioner for over 12 years. My aim with Digital Titans is to make sure Digital Marketing strategies, techniques and tools are accessible to everyone and I also run a youtube channel around the same theme.

Me along with my team are changing the way a typical agency functions by working with you as an extented team, not as an independent vendor. Let's get started and turn things around.

— KC

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Let's get started in 3 Simple Steps.

First, we would need you to answer a few questions to understand the cuuurent state of things.

Second, we would send you a list of observations along with the analysis report and an actionable strategy to start with.

Last, we would quickly discuss this over a call and work together after we have agreed upon the deliverables. What are you waiting for?

Just put in your email id and we will revert to you with a plan of action.

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