How do I get attention to my business and how do I get people to listen to what I've got to say or what my brand is all about? This is a challenge that every business has to face, whether you're a personal brand or whether you're a huge MNC or a company with billions of dollars in sales. It is important to understand that nothing is gonna happen overnight. Watch this video if you are feeling lazy to read :)

Consistency, value and time are the three parameters that any business can play with to get all the attention in the world that you want. Assume, that I get super excited by watching a video of a business how it turned things around through social media platforms and I churn out about 20-30 pieces of content in the next two hours.We expect that when I post these 20-30 pieces of content the whole world is gonna listen to me, which is not going to happen.You just did it for a day. Are you kidding me?

There may be another set of people who assume, let's do it for a month and see how it goes: still doesn't happen! You need to be consistent you need to be consistent until people listen to you and you need to do it day in and day out and you need to do it on all the platforms.

Also, you need to invest time whether it's months or years.

One thing that you can never ever compromise upon is providing value now give before you ask is something which will absolutely which will almost never fail. This is because you're giving value upfront and then you are seeking people to listen to you. Please keep providing value and if you play around these three variables which are time consistency and providing value to your customers your customers are bound to listen to you.